Why Is Benjamin Franklin Called The Picture Perfect Self-Made Man

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Nate Locatelli
Mr. Pisenti
Period 1

Benjamin Franklin was the picture perfect self-made man. From seemingly nothing, he became a successful musician, author, scientist, and printer. In his free time, he helped found and build a country.
The key to Franklin’s success was his desire and his need to constantly improve himself on all fronts. His quest for excellence began at only the age of 20. It was then that he thought of a program that would motivate and push him to possess more virtuous habits. Since he was also a perfectionist, he drew up a list of 13 virtues, and created a chart on which to keep track of his progress in living them. Each week he would focus on one virtue while also keeping track of the others. He would then move on to the next virtue and so on, eventually going through four cycles of each of the virtues in a single year.
When he failed to live up to the
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To make the most of his time, he created a schedule for himself. To begin the day the right way, not only regarding order, but living well in general. This helped Franklin focus on things he could do to serve his fellow man and help his society as he went about his daily routine. Franklin examined how he had spent his hours and whether he had done the good things he had planned on doing, as well as if he had taken action on spontaneous opportunities to lend others a helping hand.
Benjamin Franklin's moral and social philosophies inspired and still inspire millions around the world. Becoming a "self-made man" is a long and tough task. Improve yourself, which will then improve the society around you. Slight slip-ups are impossible to avoid when trying to follow strict ideals. Franklin's purpose was to make people aware of their inclinations and to help them overcome the natural tendencies of themselves, which would limit our dependence on other people. Benjamin Franklin is an inspiration to us
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