Why Is Biodiversity Loss A Concern To Us Today? Biodiversity

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Why is biodiversity loss a concern to us today? Biodiversity builds ecosystems, and ecosystems sums up the diversity of all life on Earth. Ecosystems provide the basic necessities of our lives such as food, uncontaminated water, and clean air. Without them humans would be in a very bad situation, ridden with disease and infected my harmful water. Different species belong to each ecosystem provide a vital role in our survival. Mussels and clams clean our ocean and provide a cleaner body of water. They serve as tiny water filtration systems, cleaning up toxins in their environment. Shellfish even soak up harmful chemicals. Saprophytic is a type of bacteria that depends on dead plant or animal tissue, cleaning up waste. Some fungi can…show more content…
Genetic diversity has declined globally, even in domesticated species such as livestock or all kinds. Diversity has plummeted, because of species dying or being killed. Sadly almost all of Earth’s ecosystems have been dramat­ically transformed through human actions. Our world is moving closer and closer to the extinction of the animals whom inhabited this world before us. Habitat destruction is the process in which a natural habitat is destroyed to the point it is unable to support the species present, because of humans. Habitat destruction is the leading cause for extinction of not only animals but also plants. That is a very scary situation because 80% of our prescription drugs are made only because of the natural resources. Experts estimate that around 30% of the animals on planet Earth will be extinct by 2050. Some predict that 25% of all mammals will be extinct within 20 years! If a small element of an ecosystem is taken out, the whole system’s balance is dangerously threatened. Invasive species would stay in their native lands if we didn’t demolish natural barriers. But since these barriers are no longer existing, invasive species have begun to invade the ecosystem, destroying other native species. Human activities have been the major cause for encouraging invasive species. Some include the Cane Toad, Black Rat, Snakehead Fish, Asian Mosquito,Cotton Whitefly, Asian Longhorned Beetle, and the Burmese Python, just to name a few.

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