Why Is Boy Scouting Is It Necessary?

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Boy Scouting: Is it necessary?

Scouting should be regarded as a necessary part of educations in schools and other universities. Education had never been confined solely to the teaching of books. Scouting develops both the physical and moral attributes of boys practical training, however, the writers believe that it aims on personal development, a sense of independence, and a sense of responsibility. It should aim at developing the whole personality of the student.

According to the article on the advantages and disadvantages of scouting in real life, parts of the personal development of a boy scout include developing respect for himself and others. The values of Boy Scouts fit in so well with our own from character development to ethical decision making to community service and more. It has ideals of spiritual and character growth, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The Scout Oath is a pledge of duty to God and family. The family is an important influence on our nation's youth. There are many different types of family structures in today's world. Scouting is a support to all types of families as well as to organizations to which families belong. We believe in involving families in the training of youth, and we are sensitive to the needs of present-day families. It provides opportunities for family members to work and play together, to have fun together, and to
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It is also stated in the article that scouting helps develop interests and skill. In Cub Scouting, boys participate in a broad array of activities. Cub Scouts develop ability and dexterity, and they learn to use tools and to follow directions. Recognition and awards encourage them to learn about a variety of subjects, such as conservation, safety, physical fitness, community awareness, academic subjects, sports, and religious activities. These interests might become a hobby or even a career later in
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