Why Is Brunelleschi Important To The Renaissance

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Florence was a very important city during the Renaissance. The renaissance was a time of humanism, which was the belief that humans are greater than deity and supernatural. With this change came increase in the arts such as writers, painters, sculptures, architects, and more. A place that exhibits the change due to the renaissance is Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence.
Brunelleschi’s Dome is a great specimen of architecture created by the architect Brunelleschi. This building has a great bit of detail contributed to it which signifies its importance to the Renaissance. This building covers the Florence Cathedral and was the biggest dome in the world at that time.

Lisbon Is located in Portugal and was important to the European exploration. Here
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This is a very important monument to Lisbon, showing significance to the exploration made by Prince Henry and other explorers. This monument was built so that they could know when they got back home.

Wittenberg holds the home of Martin Luther making it an important act of the Reformation. The reformation was started by more than one individual although the first start was created by Marin Luther. He nailed his 95 These on the door of the Catholic church listing all that was wrong with the Catholic Church. This was a very big deal and even led to him being excommunicated. The Lutherhaus would definitely be something to see while you visit.
Lutherhaus is the house of Martin Luther. This is a good example of the Reformation because it is home to one of the very men who stated the Reformation, a big art of history. Luther decided to share his beliefs on what was wrong with the Catholics which started a big commotion and changed the lives of many people living during this time. He was a very big part of history, and his house would be a cool place to visit and see what it was like for him in this time
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