Why Is Caring Important To A Community

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My father is a pastor, my whole life has been surrounded by people caring. Whether it was us caring for others or others caring for us, it is what my life has always been. I have also seen what happens when we don’t care enough. I will be talking about why caring is essential to a community, how I got my car thanks to people who care and how I try to care for others.
I agree with the statement “Without a sense of caring, there can be no community.” (Anthony J. D’Angelo) If you do not care for your neighbors, the people who live in your town, you have no community. You become people who just live near each other. You do not care when someone is born or when someone die or when someone needs help. When you care for those around you, community
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My family has been planning and saving and still we would have had to make payments on a car worth less than $2000. Two Sundays ago, a family in our church gave my parents an envelope and told them to put it toward my car. They have my parents $2000 exactly. Although they are a wealthy family and this was money they would no miss, they showed that they cared about my parent and me and my future. I am grateful for this true action of care.
I show caring on a daily basis through food and tea. My boyfriend tells me I care TOO MUCH for others. I often feed friends who I know are having a tough time in school. When my friends need help I make a pot of tea and talk to them for hours. It is in my blood, my mother does the same thing. I drive my friends to the store when they cannot get there themselves. I like caring for others, I get joy from it even if it drains me.
I feel that we need to fight for a sense of community again. When we care and love others around us, we find care and love in return. It can make a huge difference in someone’s life, whether it is brightening a day or helping them get the internship they need to that they can get the job they have always wanted. We can also show we care in such small ways, it is nothing. Cheap tea and a long talk can go far in someone’s life. Once we find our sense of caring again, the world becomes a much simpler and happier
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