Essay about Why Is Changez Unable to Become an American?

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In the monologue, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’, written by Mohsin Hamid, the protagonist is Changez, a Pakistani moves to America to pursue his Princeton degree, traces his journey of his adaption to American society, including his college life, his job at Underwood Samson, and his connection to an American girl. The assertion that “I was, in four and a half years, never an American; I was immediately a New Yorker” is not a valid point because he begins with defining himself as an American at the start. Whereas after the devastating effects of 9/11, and in consequence how Muslims were treated, Changez see’s the seeds of resentment on the surface, and becomes more patriotic towards Lahore. Likewise, his egocentricity starts to resonate as…show more content…
Changez starts to show his smug sense of power, and flaunts his new American Identity after securing his job at Underwood Samson, with the credit card that comes with it. His smugness is ironically undercut when the Pak Punjab Deli doesn’t recognize his American Express card. For the first time since he moved to America, Changez finally felt accepted and at home as he had gained his ‘new’ identity. We start to notice Changez becoming more comfortable with his new Western identity, when exposed to the corporate ideals. As Changez further develops his relationship with Erica, she becomes his guide into the chic heart of New York. “I realised I was being ushered into an insider’s world – the chic heart of the city – to which I would otherwise have no access.” He begins to feel as though he is invincible, consolidated in his belief “my Princeton degree and Underwood Samson business card were invariably sufficient to earn me a respectful nod of approval.” Changez believes he is immune to scrutiny, and this shows a dangerous sense of naivety. He believes he can conquer the suspicions with the armour of his success. A narcissistic trait surfaces as he gets more comfortable with his new American identity, and begins to take no

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