Why Is Chemistry Often Called The Central Science?

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Review Questions: 1) Why is chemistry often called the central science? Chemistry is often called the central science because it touches base with all other sciences. It’s the foundation for biology, and literally comes from the basic principles of physics. 2) What is the difference between basic research and applied research? Basic research is for the purpose of discovering new knowledge, whereas applied research is a little more complicated than that. You need to do basic research before you can do applied research. The main principles you uncover from basic research leads scientists to important and useful applications. To develop these applications, scientists need to do more research. The research that focuses on developing these applications is applied research. 3) What do members of the Chemical Manufacturers Association pledge in the Responsible Care Program? In the Responsible Care Program, members of the Chemical Manufacturers Association pledge to manufacture without causing any damage to the environment. The American Chemistry Council produces 90% of the chemicals that are manufactured in the United States, so naturally, they have to be aware of the damage that they may cause to the environment. 4) Are atoms made of molecules or a molecule made of atoms? A molecule is made of atoms. Atoms link together to form molecules, tiny basic units of matter. 5) How does the arrangement of particles in a gas differ from the arrangements in liquids and solids? The
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