Why Is Child Support Is Unfair

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There have been a few occasions in life where I have felt compelled to speak out against what I felt was an unfair practice. When the feeling of injustice arises, I usually attempt to find a rational, or an old saying to make me feel better about an unpleasant development. An example of the old sayings I refer to for comfort are, “It’s just not the right time”, or “God knows what I am can handle”. The sayings provide a bit of comfort, but when it comes to Child Support and the rules I am at wits end. I feel that the rules are totally unfair and destroy any hope for financial stability, peace, or truth for either party. The truth is the system is designed to ensure the child has food, supplies and has shelter. This broken system only destroys the person that has the highest earnings. If the parent is on welfare or lives in a shelter this broken system will siphon the earners funds back into the system and only providing a small portion to the child. If the earner really cares about the well-being of the child he or she will spend additional money to make sure the child has proper day care. The situation can get even worse for the earner because the dependent parent can use the daycare expense to increase the child support as…show more content…
This unfair treatment creates animosity and discontent amongst what may have at one point been an amicable separation. With peace out of the window at this point the relationship continues to erode any stable ground the parents may have respected. Both parties now have, me against the world approach. The earner feels he or she have all but been robbed in the financial sense, and the custodial parent feel he or she is entitled to more as the amount left over after the welfare deductions barley cover minor bills. So in short, both, a war, and a blame game have begun with peace nowhere in
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