Why Is Christmas Visions Of Sugar Plums By Janet Evanovich

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The second quarter of school is always the busiest. The homework, and quizzes fill the week leaving small amounts of time for reading, but there's this one book that had me hanging on it’s every page. A fiction book that brings an interesting twist to the way I see Christmas; Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich. The holiday snuck up on Stephanie Plum once again, and she finds herself trying to apprehend a toy maker named Sandy Claws while complaining about her total lack of Christmas cheer. To add to it all, a hot guy named Diesel mysteriously materialized into her kitchen and won't leave her alone. He insists that he’s there to help her catch the toy maker, and bring her the holiday cheer. Stephanie sets out to hunt down her jailbailer
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