Why Is Clear Language Important In Literature

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Quindlen has many great aspects within her piece of literature. She chooses a topic of great concern for many citizens, and does a great job in explaining how the topic of debt occurs for many people. She starts off with a question, and continues to ask similar questions throughout the piece. She is aware that the questions will keep the audience contemplating answers while reading. Clear language is also a good aspect of her work. This allows the points to be easily understood, and leaves no room for confusion. Her paper flows and is easily read all the way through. She states each point clearly, and continues on with an example. Her examples consist of facts and short stories. All of which complement the topic of the paper. For example, she speaks of the holiday shopping incident, her wanting the doll as a child, and the Pennsylvanian family at the end of the piece. Within these stories, she uses persuasion to pull the audience in. She intends…show more content…
Although examples are provided, sources are not. What she lists cannot be considered true without sources. This makes her come off as unreliable, a writer should always include proof of evidence. . For example, she states that cell phones don’t make it past the sixteenth month mark in the United States. She continues to claim that this is because they have become “oldish”. Without proof to back up her claim, the reader cannot fully believe the author, which is an important part of understanding the piece. The audience would be more inclined to believe her, if she had provided sources. She tends to group all American’s together. Percentages would be a great addition to the claims she makes towards Americans, instead of just implying all American’s do these things. For example, if she would provide a percentage of how many American’s replace their cell phone within the certain time she gives, it would add to her
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