Why Is Cloud Computing?

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Moving from physical machines to Virtual machines can be a daunting task and many companies will take into account unforeseen issues that can be mitigated but there are instances that issues will arise and there are tested and tried methods available to move from physical to Virtual machines as well as hosting your own virtualized cloud. We are going to talk about some of the deployment methods as well as how cloud computing is going to be beneficial for the organization to include traditional Computing and our own computing. Will also contrast how major companies such as Amazon and IBM perform their migration and how companies will perform the migration on their own without their help. Next we will examine a few challenges as well as security concerns that might arise due to hosting your own cloud and migrating from Legacy servers and physical servers into newer virtualize machines. The organization could utilize several features available to migrate and deploy to cloud services. There are many options available depending on what cloud provider is available as well as implementing software available in VMware or Horizon View as well. when it comes to migrating physical servers to Virtual servers I feel as though it is best to implement a feature of replication from physical devices into the virtual devices so that Information is being relayed in real time. This also allows for consistency of information to be relieved from the primary site to a disaster site in the event
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