Why Is Coca Cola Successful

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The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest soft drink corporations, manufacturers, marketers and retailers of non-alcoholic beverages based in Atlanta, USA. The company sells over 55 million beverages each day in more than 160 countries. The top consumers of Coca-Cola products by consumption per capita are Mexico, Chile, United States and Panama. The Coca-Cola Company has a 47% share of the global soft drinks market. The bestselling Coca-Cola product is “Coke”; a dark coloured soft drink based primarily on sugar, caffeine and cocoa, which is marketed as a refreshing beverage that provides an energy boost. The company has over 100 additional products, some of which are exclusive to certain countries. Some of the other popular and well known…show more content…
The company is one of the best at localizing their global market by so called maintaining a more personal relationship with their customers like expanding their “coke buddy” campaign to over 50 countries and making sure that the names are specifically optimized to the language and culture of each and every one of them (Warkentin, 2014a).
What makes the Coca-Cola brand so successful is not simply the product, as by taste it is not superior to that of PepsiCo’s or even other competitors but it is the brand itself and the lifestyle associated with it. Coca-Cola does not simply sell a beverage in a bottle; it sells happiness in a bottle. The company is regularly at work on new graphic designs and packaging for many of their products to appeal to a different crowd (Warkentin, 2014b).
Social media is among the quickest forms of effective marketing and allows companies to reach their consumers on a global scale. Coca-Cola builds powerful social connections by engaging with their consumers and encouraging them to take part in activities and conversations with other consumers (Zaucha,

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