Why Is Coffee Addictive?

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Miriam Elayyan
November 23, 2015
Science Fair
Review of Literature R.D

Is Coffee Addictive? Do you drink coffee? Because "about 150 Americans drink coffee" says eimportz. My science fair project is "Is coffee addictive?" This is important because coffee is a very popular drink that most people drink. People need to know this so they do not take this substance so lightly. Addiction, caffeine, and ingredients in coffee are very big portion of what the answer to this question. To start, having a negative relationship that causes you to keep wanting more. Usually, associated with drugs and alcohol is addiction. Also, addiction happens and is known more than diabetes according to research from addictions and recovery. Most people wonder "Why do these people go back for more?" Well, neurotransmitters like dopamine which lie in the part of the brain that allows people to experience ecstasy is activated by addiction. (addiction and recovery, 2015)
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Caffeine stimulates the nervous system says medical dictionary. Caffeine's purpose is to help coordination, wake you, make you more aware, and helps drugs work fast and efficiently. (Medical Dictionary) Body temperature, blood flow, production of liver, sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and, stomach acids secretion all rises from caffeine reports University of Michigan. A few of the behavioral consequences of caffeine, closely reflect the type of results that substances like cocaine would procure. Caffeine is just much more of an ordinary universal stimulants, the most standard common place one in fact. (addiction and recovery,
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