Why Is College Important For College?

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From the surface, the importance of college may be simply summed up as, unlocking more opportunities. When one reflects on their decision to enter college, this decision may have been highlighted by the potential to explore a subject in greater detail, more importantly a subject matter of your choice. While I approach the final semester of my college experience, I can reflect back and see that this was merely scratching the surface of the importance of college. One of the most important aspects of college, is learning about yourself. As an accountant, entering the professional field in the short term. It is important to understand my own strengths and weaknesses, as this will allow me to perform at a higher level within my career. In the following paragraphs I will examine five competencies that I feel I have fully developed, while also looking into five competencies that I feel I have room for growth. I will look at why these skills are important, and furthermore site specific examples of how I have developed them, or what I can do to better grow the competencies. Finally I will close with how this analysis has helped me to be a better professional accountant. The first set of competencies that I will be looking at are practicing and improving visual presentation skills, as a skill that I have identified as a strength. However, two skills to discuss that I have room for growth includes: practice and improve oral communication skills and improving written communication

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