Why Is College Important In Our Society

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Education is a must in our society today. Around 86 percent of College graduates say that college has been a great investment for them (Source F). With college the judgement and perceived life quality of the graduates and those attending improve, and college also promotes innovation which can lead to a better paying and secure job which is good for today's society. So College isn’t just worth going to for the knowledge to get a better job, it makes a better person as well. College improves judgement which is critical for some jobs that are needed in society. Going into college some of the students don’t know what they are going to
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However financial aid is available to those who need it and a four-year public college can reach around $2,000 (D). Plus the Monetary payoff of having a degree is about $20,000 more than those without a degree (F), alongside with those that work with a bachelor's degree can earn up to 83 percent more than their counterparts that don't have a degree. The return amount for a tuition is climbing and is at fifteen percent presently which is much higher than most other things such as stocks and real estate (D). Those who say they can’t pay for college aren't embracing their available opportunities to join college. Students don’t have to attend a big college, a public college can get the same degree for them at a lower cost. Plus with the return on just having a degree can be exponentially better and will be worth the cost while learning to build something you enjoy (Source A). College like many other subjects has skeptics. However their issues can be solved if those future students are willing to be up to the task to get themselves into college. Which going through college will not be just a great experience but also start to build a better base for those peoples
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