Why Is College Important?

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Kien La Prof.Russell ESL-301 Why College is Important Education is always a famous topic for students to talk about, they should understand deeply that how education is playing a big role in their life. Allan Bloom claims that " Education is the movement from darkness to light." In other words he is saying that education is the key to opening a better future. He tries to indicate that education is very important in human society, and attending college is even more necessary for everyone, especially for young people. This college education is critical to gain knowledge, to have a better job and achieve a higher standard of living. The first reason why each young person should attend college is to gain knowledge and experience. To be able to have a professional career, we have to prepare ourselves with a lot of knowledge, then apply whatever we have learned to our job. Therefore, college will help us to improve the ability and skill to get better day by day. Furthermore, knowledge gives the owner respect from other people, who will treat him/her in a positive way. In " A college degree is a worthy achievement" by Maria Dimera, she argues that " Many think that a college degree has less value today than it did a few decades ago, but a college is more than just a piece of paper. It is an experience and an accomplishment no one can take away, no matter what comes after college." This is so true; When students decide to attend university, the first thing they should understand

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