Why Is College Important To Me?

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On the first day of a new school year the popular thing to do is play an icebreaker name game. My teachers give the quick spiel of: name a (blank) that starts with the same letter as your name. As someone whose name starts with the letter E, I find myself struggling to find a quick example, whether it be an adjective, animal, color, food, etc. Excited? Eel? Electric blue? Eggplant? Everyone shares their name and word beginning with the same letter and the game soon ends. In my opinion, the icebreakers where you share your name and your favorite subject in school are much better. Of course, I still find it difficult to choose a favorite class; however, if the question were “which class do you find easiest” my answer would be instant. Which class…show more content…
While college education is not mandatory, furthering one’s schooling broadens the amount of jobs one is qualified for and can attain. College provides many benefits and opportunities to students but the monetary value of college is not very appealing. Throughout high school I have worked hard for good grades and have pushed myself in accelerated courses to prepare myself for college, both for the curriculum and the tuition. My effort and efficiency as a student helped me receive a generous academic scholarship from North Central College and I know that my perseverant study habits will secure this scholarship throughout the next four years. Even with North Central’s scholarship, there is still a large sum of tuition left that I must pay each year. I am a dedicated student who understands the value of a college education, especially a private college education. Affording college is imperative to me and scholarships are on my daily to-do list so that I have the funds needed to further my education. By furthering my education I will have more knowledge, experience, and diligence when it comes to teaching my own students one day, and scholarships help make this
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