Why Is Communism Possible

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4. Do you think communism as described by Marx is possible?

In truth I do not think that the communism as described by Marx is possible. In theory Communism is an astounding socioeconomic plan, with fairness for all people but I don’t believe that human nature would allow it. I say human nature because in my opinion, there will always be people who want more, even if they have everything they already need. Personally, I like to buy and have new things; I’m a slave to capitalism so to speak. However, I am modest, and don’t care much about having a huge amount of wealth, other people in society most definitely do. I think that because the fat cats of society who will always want more for their own personal wealth, communism would never work
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So capitalism to me is a complex thing that many people don’t wrestle with mentally. I think the pros to capitalism are the wide amount of goods and services that people can acquire with their own funds and make their own economic choices with their lives. Capitalism has so much room for an individual to just skyrocket with wealth and power it’s insane. Capitalism promotes entrepreneurship which allows individuals to thrive in this system. However because of this opportunity for huge economic gains, it creates a rift between economic classes. The rich get super rich, and everyone else has to split up the rest of the wealth that was left behind by the richest people in a capitalism system. The people who don’t have the means to become rich just can’t in a system run by capitalism. Capitalism also exports labor to countries that pay their workers less for the same work, such as Malaysia, that workers in America would be paid for, while also subjecting the workers in other countries to horrendous working conditions that put lives in jeopardy for a cheaper worker. So I think capitalism is a system with its flaws that need to be addressed but for the most part its really quite
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