Why Is Confidentiality Important?

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a swing in the emphasis and the resources devoted to this activity. Note; In all areas, confidentiality is of critical importance.
Although confidentiality is considered to be of great importance in therapeutic relationship, one must not assume it to be independent. In particular, confidentiality ought to be compromised whenever it conflicts with a higher moral value, such as the duty to safeguard human life. Most often physicians do not know if to disclose the HIV status of their patients to known contacts or if failure to do so may give rise to liability if the known contact becomes HIV positive. This is one of the most controversial issues in reporting and partner notification There are three main HIV reporting systems which physician are required to use in making a report, name based reporting, code based reporting and name to code reporting. However, physicians and laboratories in the United States are required to report to local and health departments using the reporting system, although the requirements differ among states. As a matter of fact, reporting and notification helps in informing individuals about the possible risk of being HIV positive, receive HIV counseling and testing, and most importantly help them get appropriate medical care. Although individuals may be discouraged from undergoing testing if they know someone will notify their contacts. Similarly, some individuals threaten to discontinue the course of treatments if their status is revealed to
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