3 Dimensions Of Attribution Summary

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Criminal behavior and criminality has been a test of the understanding of human behavior (Stone, 2007). The grounds by which criminal behavior manifests has astounded a heap of researchers and drove many to break the constructs guarding offensive and violent behavior. The jurisdiction dictates criminality as a demonstration against the administration as to society dictates that this is a deviancy from the norms set forth by the populace. A criminal act transpires when there is a motive, a mean, and an opportunity. This process is supported by distinguished theories and studies which deemed that an individual is guided by rational choice and external factors to be able to ensue to a criminal act or criminal behavior. Criminal behaviors that lead offenders to recidivate are described as…show more content…
The criminogenic needs are subdivided into two (2) constructs significant to human development and plays a relevant role in personality development. These are the (a) Psychological constructs, which is composed of 4 elements such as the mental element, guilt element, dispositional element and situational element. This is adapted from Gisli Gudjonsson's 3 Dimensions of Attribution it measures the type of crime and the attribution of the blame on the elements. It can be inferred that the offender has a core or source as to why he transpired to do such criminal offenses. The second is the Socioeconomic constructs, which is composed of factors ranging from the social relationships to the economic input of society; financial, familial, interpersonal and type of community. These factors set forth that there are external factors that contribute to the etiology of the criminal conduct and that it does not limit itself to the realms of the Constructs of the
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