Why Is Crm Integration Important For B2b Ecommerce?

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Why Is CRM Integration Important for B2B eCommerce? Why Is CRM Integration Important for B2B eCommerce? CRM integrations fuel many B2B platform processes that include segmenting customers more precisely, estimating lifetime value of customers, empowering customer-facing user features for obtaining authorized account details and automating marketing processes and building customer loyalty based on the latest trends. Providing unique, user-friendly website experiences has become the defining quality of successful B2B eCommerce platforms in today’s market, and CRM integration gives companies the tools they need to deliver rich, multichannel experiences. Decision-makers face a mandate to integrate -- it 's just a question of whether to do it…show more content…
CRM features and benefits -- generated from both customer-facing and operations-streamlining applications -- produce strong cost-value returns that average $8.71 for each dollar invested in development.[2] About 91 percent of companies with 11 or more staff members use CRM systems, and service-oriented B2B eCommerce platforms benefit from CRM systems at proportionately higher rates than do their B2C counterparts.[3] Integrated CRM systems are the fuel that drives user satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales in the B2B market, but between 25 percent and 60 percent of CRM implementations fail according to the previously sourced reference material. That 's probably because the CRM software wasn 't properly integrated with other business systems. Integration Intelligence Generates Consistent Leads and Increased Sales Results Generating leads -- especially high-quality leads -- was often similar to the classic arts of alchemy that were employed by savants and some con artists in the centuries before the scientific method became the preferred method of understanding the world. Unlike intuitive inspirations, great sales personalities or even the most skilled rainmakers on the sales staff, an integrated CRM system plugs away constantly generating leads, valuable customer insights and actionable business intelligence in a structured way by using the real-world data of how customers and prospects behave -- what they read, where they navigate, when they buy
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