Why Is Customer Relationship Management?

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How and why is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) important to sports marketing managers? Introduction In the past two decades, huge marketing and mass marketing have been changed competitive landscape due to growing goods available for consumers. Proliferation of business activities would focus on customer relationship management, which is to achieve competitiveness (Chen et al., 2003). As the concept of customer relationship management has a significant change, there are a variety of CRM definitions depending on the angle of view. An important concept in customer relationship management is customer value. Customer value is the customer relationship to the enterprise 's financial value. It can be reflected in the contribution margin or net profit. Customer value is widely used by enterprises to evaluate their marketing efforts. As mentions above, Kumar et al. (2012) have provided a new definition of customer relationship management refers to the collection, storage and analysis of customer information, and the results into the practice of enterprise decision-making process. This also pertains to the automation, enhancement and integration of core business processes, such as production, operations, sales, marketing and finance. The power of customer relationship management in its adaptability to further business, and even the performance of the entire business of any individual activities, business, and even the performance of the entire business of any individual

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