Why Is Death Be Not Proud Poem

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Canon, this word is used commonly by the literary researchers and critics but what can we understand when we hear that word. Canon is used as standard word to describe a kind of masterpiece in many literal aspects as we hear some critics describes a concerto, dramatic series, a set of poems or etc., it comes to our mind that the speaker is talking about a set of wonderful literary works. So we understand that the word canon refers to some brilliant works. The literary canon is defined by the critics and researchers as it is the literary landmark of a specific time or place. As we say that the canon of the Elizabethan drama is the Shakespearian works so the literary canon is the literary works which composed in a specific time or place and these…show more content…
The structure of this poem follows the structure of the Italian Petrarchan sonnet, which includes 14 lines divided into an 8-line stanza and a 6-line stanza. The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is ABBAABBA, and the rhyme scheme of the second stanza is CDDCEE. In the poem, the poet in Death, Be Not Proud which is a Holy Sonnet 10 (in a series of nineteen) in this fourteen lines poem, the poet attacked the invincibility of death as it takes people feeling proud to do that, in the same time, the poet took this chance to express and show his faith in the afterlife joy’s and events. The poet in this poem said that life will take every body’s life including himself, Donne used his power as a preacher with the Anglican Church to show his faith in the afterlife as he told that death should be mighty not proud of taking people’s lives. In a series of paradoxes, the poet describes the characteristics of death as the conqueror which brings rest more than sleeping that death brings the rest of bones and the soul’s delivery. The poet used the word “and” in many line to connect all his charges and accuses to death. Then the poet describes death and connects it to the most destructive things in life such as war, poisons, struggles and sickness and the poet attacks death again showing that some other drugs can do the job of the death to rest people and make them sleep. The couple of lines, with no rhyme couplet in which the poet ends his poem saying that the human beings die for a short of time and they wakes up again to live eternally and death will not be any more that death itself will die then and the human beings will come to live again eternally. In fourteen lines, Donne has carried out an effective rhetorical attack against the invincibility of death and, at the same time, has declared his
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