Why Is Divorce Acceptable in Society? Essay

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Mary Kirkland Professor Tate-Owens English 1020 23 February 2010 Why is Divorce Acceptable in Society? Divorce is something that has become more common in today’s civilization. It’s happening all over the world but mostly in the United States of America. Most marriages that have fail in the last 5 years have not succeeded have resulted in divorce. In earlier periods in life divorce was considered shocking and terrible, whereas in today’s world it’s accepted. Divorce has become acceptable in society for numerous reasons and will continue to be accepted. Though, many think divorce is frowned upon, it’s more acceptable in society because the images portrayed by the media, the morals of marriage have changed and because it’s no firm…show more content…
In today’s society marriage is all about the perfect dress, the size of the ring and how much money can you spend to have the most platinum wedding. The vows at the altar are just routine to society, it’s suppose to be read by the pastor and recited by the bride and groom. The wedding vows are not taken serious and neither is the marriage. People in society lose sight of the morals of marriage which is why they get divorced and society accepts it. Divorce is acceptable in society because society has changed its meanings and morals of marriage. Equally important, divorce is becoming acceptable in our society because it’s allowed and isn’t frowned upon. Divorce has always been legal but it has become an escape route for some. In today’s society people feel if their marriage isn’t working out for them, divorced is the first resort. People don’t try to work out their marriages anymore; they feel if this person can’t do what they need them too someone else will. People in society continue to jump in and out of marriages because it isn’t a divorce requirement. They are allowed to get married and/or divorced as many times as they would like too because they can. If there were requirements to getting divorce society would not have as many divorces as it does. The fact that people can get as many divorces as they want due to the fact of the marriage not benefitting them
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