Why Is Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe Essay
Riley M
When you see a scary movie and in it there is the grim reaper, the figure in black robes with a scythe in hand? Edgar Allan Poe was the one who created that character, essentially he was the one who gave death a face. Poe was an interesting fellow, he had a rough childhood and a terrible life, all of his experiences shaped his writing. For instance, Poe turned out to be an insane guy, all of his loss has pushed him over the edge, we can see that in some of his writings like The Black Cat, The Tell Tale Heart, and even The Raven. Also, he lost a lot of his family to TB (tuberculosis), and just lost a lot of people in general. It is shown in The Masque of the Red Death, and Annabel Lee. . Furthermore, Poe viewed
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¨Descent from sorrow into madness¨ he never would have all of the messed up crazy stories in his head if he had no sorrow in life. The reason everyone liked his stories was because sorrow is the root of horror, and Poe knew sorrow very well. We see his sorrowful life in his works like The Raven and Annabel Lee. In both of those works he is mourning and full of sorrow because his beloved(s) have died, the works are ominous and creepy, just like Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe's writing was ominous and horror, a fancy word for that is macabre. Poe's writings directly reflects upon his life, His insanity and his sorrow and longing is shown in most if not all of his stories. In The Tell Tale Heart the narrator tries to assure you he is not insane, that right there indicates madness! Also, The Masque of the Red Death means TB, TB was called the red death because one of the symptoms was coughing up blood. In addition, he was always longing for his mother, and his wife. In the Poem Annabel Lee, Annabel Lee is referring to his dead wife, and in The Raven Lenore is supposedly his mother. It is crazy that Poe was alive and wrote his stories over 200 years ago, and we are still talking about him, and we are still stumped about some of his fear inspiring
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