Why Is Education Be The Number One Priority?

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In contrast, some people believe that education should be their number one priority. According to D’Aquila and Rudolph, the Regional Director examined a factor in Brown University and found that athletes’ duties are not part of their graduation requirement because one does not receive credits for that sport (40). College’s main goal is to educate young individuals’ so that they can succeed in life. Sports are just a form of entertainment and a way to bring revenue into the school. According to Mans and Gibbs, to be eligible to play football at Northwestern University the player must be enrolled as a full-time student, be making good progress toward obtaining a degree, and they must maintain a certain grade point average (34). This is to keep their focus on their academics and also sets guidelines that they must follow. These guidelines are so that players have a degree to fall back on if their sports career does not succeed. In Brown University, the Board held that graduate assistants and the university relationships are academic rather than economic (D’Aquila and Rudolph 39). In this case the Board decided that graduate assistants were not employees of the university (D’Aquila and Rudolph 39). The same situation applies to the athletes, as it does to the graduate assistants, because they are not being identified as employees. Many people say that the reason why athletes are not paid is because not all of the sports are making the same amount of money as other
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