Why Is Edward Snowden A Hero Or Traitor?

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Edward Snowden; From Traitor to Hero and In-Between
Imagine that you are sitting down looking at your phone. You are scrolling through social media and rapidly become tired of seeing the same thing repeatedly. You endlessly scroll through posts until you get a message from your friend talking about something personal they need to tell you. In your mind, no one except you two will see that information. That’s what we all believe, however we might all just be wrong. After Edward Snowden released the information that the NSA was spying on millions of Americans in 2014, a public debate sparked not about how much privacy we really have, but also ridiculing Snowden for his actions. Viewpoints on the issue of whether Snowden is a hero or traitor vary in each person, depending on what you believe the government has the right to know about our lives. While John Cassidy and Jeffrey Toobin are on opposite sides of that issue, Nate Fick and The New York Times Editorial Board bridge the gap between the two. In the article Edward Snowden is No Hero, Jeffery Toobin (2013), a staff writer at The New Yorker, argues that Edward Snowden is a traitor because he released private NSA information to the public. In lieu of the June 2013 information leak by Snowden, Toobin (2013) wrote the article to alert the general public that Snowden is a traitor due to his breach of national security. Toobin (2013) supports his claim by acknowledging that Snowden was advised that as a government employee releasing information is considered a crime, therefore he knew what he was doing. He then ends his article by suggesting that this information should have never been leaked because it can be put into the wrong hands. In his article Was Snowden Hero or Traitor? Perhaps a Little of Both, Washington Post writer and cybersecurity software CEO Nate Fick (2014), suggests that Edward Snowden is both a traitor and a hero following his action in the NSA Information Leak in 2013. Within the article, Fick (2014) informs the general public that Snowden has traits of both a hero and traitor because of his choice to leak the information that the NSA was spying on the American public. He begins by addressing the idea that although he had the resources, he
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