Why Is Effective Communication Important in the Workplace

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Why is effective communication important in the workplace? This was a part of my assignment at College, its Health and Social Care related; however, it still fits. I shall now describe each of the six stages of the communication cycle. 1. Ideas Occur This part of the stage is all to do with what one person is thinking of saying. Things that could disrupt the thinking process could be: • Excessive noise from the environment • Distractions from other things. 2. Message Coded This is where the ideas from stage 1 are formatted into how to say them. This stage determines how the person is going to say the ideas that occurred. As well as thinking about how to say it, the person will think about how the other person will react. Problems that…show more content…
This could be used as a way of therapy for anger management. Therapy is basically medical treatment for disabilities and diseases. In this case it is used to control behaviour. This type of therapy would be used in hospitals or public halls. Touch communication could refer to blind people and the way they communicate through brail. Most public places will have brail underneath signs or at the bottom of leaflets allowing blind people to know what it says. It helps them to understand and respond. Music and drama communication, for example, theatre. Theatre can teach us about moral values. Music and drama help people to express themselves and communicate to an audience about what they are like. Music and drama are also similar to visual communication; they can also be used as a form of therapy. Arts and crafts communication helps people to communicate using colour and other objects. Artwork, objects and ornaments can also communicate emotions to certain people. As well as being sentimental value in some cases, vases, paintings and photos can describe to someone about a place or person; it can provide a lot of information. Communication using technology is used by the majority of people. Examples of communicating with technology are: • E-mail • Text-messaging • Telephone • Mobile Phone • Msn Messenger • Websites These are used when trying to communicate with a person remotely. People can be contacted by using these simple devices. There are advantages and
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