Why Is Electrical Engineering A Good Idea For A Major?

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Electrical Engineering Why is electrical engineering a good idea for a major? The reason why electrical engineering is a good idea for a major is from the increasing demand for individuals with these skills. This trend will continue well into the future. The primary factors that are driving the need for these talents are the focus on utilizing more technology solutions. ("Put Spark in Your Future") What is happening is the increasing number of electronics devices means that large segments of the population will require different parts, accessories and products. This is fueling demand for individuals who have knowledge in various areas including: green energy systems, electronic components / circuits, motors, insulators, logical chips (which are used by computers / mobile phone operating systems) and signal processors. The combination of these elements is showing how consumers and businesses are requiring an assortment of services. ("Put Spark in Your Future") These transformations are creating shortages in the field. This is because there are a number of factors that are working together including: more consumers / businesses switching to green technology and the demand for smarter / faster electronics devices. This has resulted in higher salaries and a low unemployment rate for the sector. ("Put Spark in Your Future") (Gearon) Evidence of this can be seen by comparing the unemployment rate for electrical engineers with national average during the height of the
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