Why Is Emma Still Alive?

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The lights on the big screens of Time Square flickered, people screamed in fear, everybody dropped on the ground like ants, and Emma stood in the center of it all. Who knew that everything could change in a second and make a person feel so scared and lonely? Who knew that a person could have everything in a minute and then the next, it is all gone? She was surrounded by thousands and thousands of people in the streets of New York City and then as she blinked, everyone was dead. She was alone and felt isolated, as if someone was watching her. However, no one was there. It took her time, but soon, she noticed that she was alone and that she was isolated. It was only her that was left in the unknown chaos and she wondered why she was the only one remaining.…show more content…
Why am I here and why am I not dead? What is going on? Why is everyone else dead?” Emma thought out loud as she paced back and forth inside a retail store. She was going out of her mind and was confused with the idea that she was untouched. Everyone else in the city was affected and dead because of something, but she did not know what “something” was. Her hand was on her forehead and soon enough, tears became to spill. “No! I am going to do something about this situation and I will stay alive. There must be a reason that I am still alive and nobody else in the city is. I have a duty to perform and I will perform it to the best of my ability!” Emma spoke out loud to make herself feel better. She knew that she had a purpose and she had become determined to fulfill it, despite the loneliness she was
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