Why Is Ethics Important?

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The Importance of Ethics in Business To be an accountant or businessman in today’s world, one must have a strong moral or ethical code and the courage to act upon those principles at all times. Ethics determine what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable and unacceptable, and what’s fine and what has crossed the line in a society (Wiley 22). It is imperative that accountants are ethical, but the current methods of attempting to find out whether or not a possible employee is ethical can so easily be fooled and mislead. However, a new method has been developed, and it cannot be falsified like the other tests.
It is, without a doubt, imperative that accountants today must be ethical. “Most ethical dilemmas managers face in the workplace are highly complex,” says “Public Relations Tactics” (19). Businessmen, particularly accountants, manage and oversee assets so large that even a moment of unethical behavior could be detrimental to a company. One incorrect spreadsheet has the ability to show that millions of dollars never came in, that millions have been lost, or even that millions are still there even though they have been transferred into a personal account completely separate of the company. To avoid hiring corrupt, greedy accountants, companies began giving out a written ethics test as part of the hiring or training process. They were using questions like “If you watched a twenty dollar bill fall out of someone’s pocket as they left the room and there was no one else
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