Why Is Euthanasia Morally Wrong

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According to the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of ‘liberty,’ “The decision how and when to die is one of the most intimate and personal choices a person may make in a lifetime, a choice central to personal dignity and autonomy.” ( Thiroux & Krasemann, p.184). This law protects the right of the terminally ill patients to receive lethal amounts of medications, so they can die on their own terms however best suited. Morally utilitarian believes in making life better for someone by improving the good things that would reduce pain and creates happiness. Will had a previous experience with his mother suffering from the same disease pattern of cancer. I have worked on the medical unit before the oncology wing was implemented and I have cared for many…show more content…
There is always a fear of losing a love one. It can be argued that Will is being partial to his family, despite the fact that theory Will say he is doing the right thing, the greatest good for the greatest number. Will’s wife obviously is tired of caring for her husband, differently from the pain, hence why he wants to increase the morphine drip. From a medical stand point, after prolonged use of morphine patients would eventually die but feeling comfortable. How I see it, different people have different views about the moral significance of euthanasia. The principle of the sanctity of human life has fundamental value and ought to be respected and cherished. Only he alone knows how the pain feels, he is an adult with a sound mind, competent enough to make a choice concerning his condition. The family members are there to witness such act and be left to fulfil his respect. I was a witness to a patient who was dying of cancer, and his daughter could not bear to see her father in pain helplessly just waiting to die. She asked that the minister come and give his last rights and then she told him he is free to go. A few minutes while on her way out of the hospital yard she received a call stating his condition took a turn
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