Why Is Fort Point Important

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After visiting all of the extra credit historical sites I can confidently say that the place that I enjoyed the most was Fort Point. I enjoyed Fort point the most because it consist of history from multiple time periods. The fort was originally a Spanish one that they constructed to defend the newly occupied San Francisco bay. After the Spanish abandoned the fort the Americans would eventually take it over and use it all the way onto the civil war. I think this fort is quite interesting because as a resident of the bay area I never think of another country sailing into San Francisco bay and trying to take it. But back in the early days of California that was a constant threat to the people that lived here and that is why Fort point was so important.…show more content…
Jeremiah O’Brien. The S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien is the most important landmark for us a citizens to preserve for the future generations because it represents the American will to prevail. It represents the American will because the O’Brien was constantly delivering supplies to the troops at D-day even though it was extremely dangerous. Another important reason regarding the O’Brien at D-day is when the future generations look at D-day many of them just study the storming the beaches and the battles that ensued, but if the O’Brien is preserved for our the future they will be able to study the whole picture behind D-day and how much it actually took to win the war. The preservation of the O’Brien is also important because represents the many civilians that helped win World War Two and that even if and American was not listed in the military there was still a way for them to help. In the end although I personally think that the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien is the most important of the landmarks to preserve for the youth, all the landmarks, museums, and cemeteries that I went to are important. All these places are important because they allow us as historians to look into the past and get a first hand look at the lives that people lived in the past and the hardships they experienced. Lastly, I enjoyed this experience because I had never been to any of the place on the list and these places have allowed me to learn all about important parts of our local
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