Why Is Gmo's Be Banned

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In almost any grocery store, there will be a product, that says, “No GMO’s!”. Now you probably know that GMO’s are bad for your health, but do you really know what they are? The acronym GMO, stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms”. Know if we're talking about food, GMO’s are a way for the company owners to make more money, but the lasting impact can be devastating. So it is my opinion that GMO’s should be banned worldwide.

The first reason I believe this is how it affects the animals it is fed to. GMO’s are genetically modified plants, that can speed up growth, increase weight and meat, and protect animals against diseases. These are all made to ensure that the company makes more profit from their animals. Most companies do not allow
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GMO’s are created by gene-splicing a plant’s dna, and modifying it to meet the creators needs. But plants that are modified like this, their seeds can spread, and affect other plants, and eventually, affect us. A research team from the FDA ( Federal Department of Agriculture), found that over 80% of the world's corn population has been affected by GMO’s. If we eat this corn, it may cause bad news for us.

Now my final, and probably biggest reason why I want GMO’s to be banned, is their lasting impact on us, humans. Eating crops or animals affected by GMO’s has had some pretty big impacts on our health. According to a study in 2014, people who eat GMO’s are more likely to have birth defects, get cancer, and in strange and extreme cases, have mutated body parts from birth. These impacts have been kept hidden for a while, but that is no excuse to why they should do this to us.

Now that you know what, and how GMO’s impact animals, the environment, and us, it’s time for you, as the reader to pick a side. Go for cheaper GMO products, or to take a stand, and say no to GMO’s. As more people know about these effects, more people turn on GMO’s, and eventually, I hope that there is enough people, willing to ban GMO’s, forever. But right now, we just have to change everyone's mind, one by one. So take a stand, and say “No!”, to
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