Why Is Graham Hess Is The End Of The World Essay

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Graham Hess is a protagonist character from the movie Signs (2002), who is a retired priest that lives on a farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Graham has been left with the duties of taking care of his children after the death of his wife in an automobile accident. In the movie, Graham and the rest of his family are hiding and protecting themselves from the suspicious nearby lights from the invading aliens. In this scene, Graham and Merrill converse until a very important but seemingly unanswerable question arises. The question being if Graham believes this, the alien attack, is the end of the world. This followed by Graham giving a short monologue in which he asks Merrill, “Are you the kind of person who sees signs and sees miracles?” This question pertains to the various beliefs of many individuals about whether there is an overlooking figure, possibly God, that is responsible for all actions. It is a very relevant and important question if you consider the fact that it so closely relates to our curriculum in PH-231-C, The Introduction to the Philosophy of Knowledge. Over the course of the semester, we learned and discussed about many people and their corresponding beliefs; some of which included the concept of God and his possible existence. Prior to this semester, I think I would have considered myself to fall under one of Graham Hess’ categories, one that I do not consider myself to be in now. This course and the curriculum managed to change my outlook;
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