Why Is Group Needed? Justify?

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Why is group needed? Justify
Many antipsychotic medications cause weight gain in the consumers that are required to utilise them. One particular antipsychotic, clozapine, is known to be extremely effective in assisting treatment-resistant consumers; however it brings a high risk of developing metabolic syndrome due to dyslipidaemia, changes to glycaemic control and the enormous weight gain experienced with its use. A study conducted by Lamberti et al (2006, p. 1274) found that 53.8% of clozapine consumers participating had developed metabolic syndrome since commencement of the drug.

Purpose and aims of group. Justify

Target population – age/gender/diagnosis/problem. Why? Justify
The target population for this group would consist of consumers who:
1. Have a diagnosed mental illness,
2. Are currently taking clozapine,
3. Have been identified as high risk for developing metabolic syndrome i.e. have had significant weight gain since commencement, or increased cholesterol level
4. Age 18 - 30
This group of consumers would be targeted as they are at risk of but have not yet developed metabolic syndrome. Intervention at this stage provides the opportunity to reverse the negative effects of clozapine and reduce the incidence of early mortality for mental health consumers.

Health outcomes
Describe/explain anticipated health outcomes for participants – justify
The anticipated health outcomes for the participants are related to education and making informed choices.…
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