Why Is Gun Control A Bad Issue

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The Controversial issue that gets to me the most is gun control. A lot of people make it about politics but it should be all a moral issue. Yes the government has to get involved but only to issue a license. Even though right now the government gives out license to people who take several tests to carry a concealed weapon but that is not in every state. And even if you have It, it’s only for that one state that you took it in it is illegal in any other state.
To solve this issue the simplest thing to do it create a national test for carrying a weapon. That way anyone who does it in one state can have it in others without it being illegal. On top of that the government comes in when it has to issue now the uses and why should be moral and weather the people agree with it or not. Now that leads to racial profiling because now people of color will be called out on having guns and most people will think it is illegal just because of their color. This would make the job of the police really hard because they would have no room for racial profiling because people will end up dead.
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This will also make the job of the police easier by making dropping the crime rate because if more people are armed no one will want to mess with them. I strongly feel like this will make people feel safe against danger and it will stop a lot of shooting and loss of life. People might say if we leave it up to society with the government having such little control people will use their hate to motivate them to use those weapons that they have or carry. Some will say it will only cause more death and it will give those people and excuse for doing it to the ones who do not agree and not wanting to carry
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