Why Is Hand Control Important

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Officers may use force when they need to get and continue control over an individual. So, the officer may use force to stop an attack on the officer or others, or stop a struggle to lawful duties and responsibilities.
If the officer must make an aggressive or proactive move to take hold of a subject who does not wish to be apprehended, the purpose of apprehension is to gain control over the subject, controlling his movements for a legal reason. If the officer is defending himself or another, control must be held over the subject to stop the subject's ability to cause harm, but not automatically at any cost.
The cost to the individual in terms of injury or denial of liberty may not outweigh the need of the public to control the individual’s actions. The constitutional need to control must overshadow the cost to the subject being controlled. The amount of force allowed to create and maintain control must be reasonable.
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police departments have some kind of UOFC in place. Just having an officer present can resolve a situation. An officer should always conduct themselves professionally and in a non-threatening manner. If necessary they should use non-threatening and calm demands, being calm may help to calm the situation and the person or persons they are dealing with. The next step to gaining compliance would be hand control. This would be acquired by restraining the individual with the least amount of force necessary to obtaining the compliance needed of the individual. The next level would be less than lethal control by means of instruments such as a baton, projectiles, chemicals like pepper spray to restrain combative individuals. The last resort is lethal force. This should only be used if an individual is of a serious threat to the officer or another
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