Why Is High School So Important To Me

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First of all, let's start with my background. I am an Asian american. Both of my parents were born Vietnam. I was born in the United States. I know Vietnamese and English, but I am more fluent at English. Ever since I was little both my parents have never spent much time with me, so I had to teach myself most of things that I've learned today. I would get in trouble through out elementary school because I didn't known how to speak English and that would effect my academic and the other kids around me. I would get picked on for being different. I was too short, not athletic, and my English was bad. My father motivated me work harder in school and to just ignore all the other kids. When I moved up into middle school my English was improving, but still no good. I was put into a program called Read 180 due to my low lexile score. My grades…show more content…
I wanted to get the presidential award for 3 years of honor roll. However, socially I was still getting bullied, but I didn't let that stop me from academic. I would be push, teased, and had some unnecessary nick names. So, finally near when I reached eighth grade I told a staff and confronted the bullies. After, that I was never bullied again and I made it to my goal. I've finally received the presidential award I was working so hard for. When I reach to high school I've realize if I were to work as hard as I did in middle school I can make it into a good college and achieve my dream job of becoming an general dentist. Through out high school it as substantially tougher for me because of all the classes I was taking. I did get the pin for being on the honor roll for one year during my freshmen year, but that's when the family crisis started happening. My aunt and uncle pass away from cancer, my father had been laid off, and he was diagnosis with type two diabetes. This made it harder for me to keep my concentration on school, but some how I've manged to keep myself together and look toward the
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