Why Is History A Contentious Subject Within Schools Around The World?

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Why is history a contentious subject in schools around the world? History defines a nation and who we are. History is inspirational and a very important subject that need to be taught in schools. Studying history helps individuals to obtain knowledge of the past and it also give us an insight into the present and the future. It teaches us as a nation and how to deal with circumstances that bear a significant resemblance to those of centuries. History also teaches us the mistakes of the past and when people are knowledgeable about history it is less likely for them to repeat the mistakes of the past. Without history our generation will be the dark about who they are. History need to be taught whether it is good or bad and relevant history need to be told. Early American history that needs to be taught is slavery. New generation needs to know who slaves in American were and how they were treated by their slave’s owners. Slavery is a tough topic and the emotion of those facts evoke are intense. However, people still need to know the hardship the blacks went through, how they have contributed to America economy, and how they treated after they granted citizenship. Blacks (Negro their name on the plantation) were excessive punished by their masters when they disobey them. Young girls and women were raped by the masters. They worked from five in the morning till the sun goes down. Despite all the suffer they went thought, out of their pain, sweat and sorrow they impacted the

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