Why Is Home Care The Basis For The Model Of Marketisation Of Care Essay

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Finding 1: Why is home care the basis for the model of marketisation of care in Urban China?

Home care is the basis of Chinese elder care system, which is embedded in its cultural norms. The cultural norms of ’filial piety’ to keep supporting system between generations within the family, economic values to the family and the state, and challenges to traditional familial care, contribute to the home care as the marketisation trend of care for older people in China.
1.1 Persistent cultural value of ‘filial piety’ and social changes
The familial supports to older people are morally and legally encouraged in China. The cultural norms of ‘filial piety’ are rooted in China, allocating care responsibility to the family. There is an overwhelming view from interviewees (both government officials and managers in care agencies): family members (spouse and children) are the first source for both care services and financial support for older people.
‘When a person is in need of care, the family is the main supporter for him, and the first method he should try. Unless the duty is beyond the ability of his family, the state has the responsibility to help this person…otherwise, the state is not able to afford the care for this huge older population in China.’
Le, Executive of a care agency
According to the Chinese Constitution, adult children have the obligation to support and assist their parents. The definition of support and assist for older parents includes providing essential living

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