Why Is Homework Important To Me?

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I sat there perplexed by what my third grade teacher’s assignment asked me to do. I read the short story and knew the character’s names, but what was the meaning of the story? I kept asking myself the question hoping that I would understand what I had to write about on the blank page with empty lines.

I figured that I should utilize the resources around me, so I could ask my parents and they would then explain to me how to answer the puzzling question. I called my parents, the same people who ask me to read over their emails before sending them so that they make sense, to take a look at my assignment. They stood over me and reread the question just as many times as I had, they told me that unfortunately they could not be of much use to me
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I completed this work with ease, and if I ever had a question my mother and stepfather could aid me with facility. After completing my homework for the night, I had an enormous practice math book that I would work on just because I found math to be my strength and a subject I enjoyed even as a little kid.

The day after accomplishing my assignment I thought to myself and realized that my reading and writing needed to improve, I talked to my best friend who lived down the street of my house, and he told me that he had a tutor that would help him with math and reading. I knew there was no way my parents would get a tutor, so I thought about the most effective and cost-efficient way to improve my reading skills. What better way to improve my reading, than by reading books.

I then went to the local public library with my mother, and we both got library cards so that we could check out books whenever we wanted to. I was checking out every book that seemed interesting to me, I read books about mysteries, sports, adventures, and anything that caught my eye. I became intrigued by how authors could convey such powerful messages and it became routine to go to the library, pick out a couple of books, and read at
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