Why Is Honor Code Important

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Honor Code
How is it determined if something is working the way it is intended to? Based on observations, studies and results it can be determined how useful something actually is, and based in this same things we can determine that the honor code is not of great use. Honor code systems should not be maintained because it is the student's’ choice to cheat, there is lack of obedience in young people and it is not useful because it does not change anything.
First of all, a cheater does not change his ways, because if they want to cheat they will find a way and do it even if they signed a honor code. As source D debated that “even here [University of Virginia], where honor is so well defined and policed by an elite student committee, plagiarism has become a problem.” Even in an university with an elevated system of honor code, the students still cheated because they choose to, completely ignoring the honor code. Also, the source C indicated “if a student enters a college with mostly “cheater” types [will encourage] even “honest” types to cheat.” This is a clear example of the decision took by any type of student to cheat, regardless of a honor code.
Following that, the lack of obedience young people tend to have makes the honor code difficult to implement. The source B exposed that “The earlier drafts of the
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