Why Is Human Speech?

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Why is human speech is unique compared to other animals? Well, both humans and animals can communicate in motions, however humans can communicate in forms of signals and symbols, which could be gestures, sounds, or written words. Main differences between human and primates in regards to speech is that humans have an open vocal system while primates have a closed vocal system. Homo sapiens is probably the only animal that uses language to communicate with one another which distinguishes us from other animals. Through age four, most folks are able to communicate through oral language. At age six or seven, us humans are able to understand and express written thoughts. This distinctive ability of communicating through a native language clearly separates us from all animals. Then we question: where did we obtain this distinctive trait? Most animals make sounds and grunts to communicate. Are humans really the only species that can communicate in a form of spoken language? When it comes to evolution, humans evolved from apes. The first putative hominin is Sahelanthropus tchadensis from Chad, which is about 6-7 million years old, as noted by Michel Brunet among others in their 2002 paper in Nature, while our closest living relative to the Homo sapiens is the chimpanzee, yet chimps do not have speech which indicates some degree of genetic divergence. Molecular data suggest that humans and chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor ~5-7 million years ago. Another factor supporting
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