Why Is Influencer Marketing And Inbound Marketing

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Few things in life go together as well as influencer marketing and inbound marketing—it’s truly a match made in heaven. In 2016, roughly 86 percent of marketers claimed they were using influencers in their inbound marketing strategies and most were looking to double their initial investments. It’s clear influencer marketing is taking the world by storm, but what makes it so effective? Why is influencer marketing working so well?
While most people would assume the answer is complicated, it’s actually quite simple: the way people buy has changed—and not necessarily in the favour of traditional marketing methods. Today’s consumers want a more personalized, trustworthy, and interruption-free shopping experience. They don’t want to be convinced
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You want your content to be seen as shareable and engaging. While a consumer might not be very likely to comment on or share a Facebook ad, they are likely to engage with a video or photo that’s been posted by one of their favourite social media personalities. Your influencer may have 200k followers, but with all the traffic generated by the post, it will quickly lead to another 100k eyes on your brand.
Putting It All Together
Influencer marketing and inbound marketing use the same tactic to increase sales: they both attract prospects to your brand without being invasive or forceful. That’s why the two strategies are a match made in heaven. Instead of forcing a message into the minds of a target audience, inbound marketing and influencer marketing both invite consumers to engage, but only when they decide it’s time.

Additionally, these strategies allow for product and brand education. Today’s consumers want to research a product before they buy it. They want to know how it works, what it looks like, and how it will benefit them. With influencer and inbound marketing working together, consumers get a holistic view of the product, from an influencer recommendation to a blog post on how it
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