Why Is Internal Division A Threat To National Security?

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In recent discussions of U.S. intelligence, a controversial issue has been what the leading threat to our national security is. On the one hand, some argue that extremist groups are the primary threat. On the other hand, however, others argue that internal divisions are what we need to address. In sum, then, the issue is whether extremist groups or internal divisions are the leading threat to our national security. Though some may argue that internal divisions are the primary threat to national security, extremist groups are developing in foreign countries and possibly threaten national security at any time.
Threats are being made to the U.S. on a regular basis because we have a presence in foreign countries, due to our outstanding armed
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Internal divisions are a part of our government and they are the divisions in which investigate incidents and suspicion of lawbreaking, and political disputes. Richard Haass the president of the Council on Foreign Relations expresses, “One result is that the United States does not have the resources it needs for national security — and what resources it does make available are often spent to satisfy political rather than strategic needs.” In other words Haass believes that the divisions between the White House and Congress are overusing their powers and money for political endeavors. And in reality this money should striving towards National Security. The threat of internal divisions has been an ongoing problem of the United States. Amy Zegart a Political Scientist reminds us that, "For half a century, the department's structure, systems, policies and culture had been oriented to think about protecting forces from the outside, not the inside." In other words, the actions taking place to suppress the threats to our national security are developing on America soil rather than the internal divisions that are right in front of us. Therefore our mistake is that we are preoccupied with the treat outside our country when in fact the threat can also be within our borders as…show more content…
government is being spent on political needs, this is false because this is why we have checks and balances. This will ensure that things like this don’t happen in our government. As I agree with the fact that the 9/11 attacks could have been stopped before they hit the pentagon, terrorist groups had their people working on the inside. Prior to this attack our U.S. government was oblivious to these happenings. This is directly connected to our overall security as Amy Zegart asserts, "Organizational factors played a significant role in explaining why the Pentagon could not stop Nidal Hasan in time. Despite 9/11 and a rising number of homegrown Jihadi terrorist attacks, the Defense Department struggled to adapt to insider terrorist threats.” The 9/11 attacks were not only happening on the outside but also being guided on the
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