Why Is Islamic Democracy?

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Before beginning, it is important to understand exactly what I mean when discussing Islamic democracy. Essentially, the only democracy that we in the west know is western democracy. This democracy is what the textbooks teach, and while it is perfectly functioning in our society, it may not be the same in nations which are not functioning in the same framework that we are so familiar with. That is to say, it cannot be expected for a Muslim nation to willingly and easily accept western democracy, and as is eloquently summed up in this statement, “In the end, modern liberal governance is more likely to take root through organically evolving liberal Islamist trends at the grassroots level than from imported Western modules of "instant democracy.", we can begin to understand that our democracy is not necessarily compatible with Islam, but there certainly is a form of democracy which is very much so, though it likely has to be constructed from within the bounds of Islamic nations rather than imported from without.” (Fuller, 2002, 50).
When reading headlines of newspapers or talking to someone who is less than an expert on the subject, there seems to be a general disillusion that Islam is so systematically different than every other religion in the world that it is also entirely incompatible with the social structure that we in the West know and thrive in. This is not the case, as there is no explicit doctrine of Islam that states that modern Western ideologies when it comes to
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