Why Is It Better To Eat Sugars Or False Eating Habits?

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Have you ever wondered should I really eat that last slice of cake, is it really good me. Well science says no if you eat the cake it will result in your intimate. Science says that if your over consume on sugars it lowers brain functionality. It causes heart failure, diabetes and many other failures in the body. Heart failure kills millions every year.
Sugar lowers IQs and makes people hyper and hard to focus (Schmidt, 2012). First of all, it has showed that unhealthy lifestyles result in lowering your IQ. A study was conducted where 4,000 kids born in the early 1990’s. They were observed by researchers and had the parents record everything their child ate. When the children were eight, they all took an IQ test and it showed that all the kids with healthy food choices had higher IQs by 10 points (Week, 2012). Sugar also has many addictive properties (McGonigal, 2009). This is important because if we have trouble controlling urges to eat sugar it can greatly affect test score. This shows that nutrition affects IQ.
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The average human eats two to three pounds of sugar a week, and one hundred thirty-five pounds annually. In the late 1800 where the average person only ate five pound of sugar annually (Aubele, 2011). Sugar is addictive and unhealthy one of the highest reasons of death is heart failure and diabetes (Aubele, 2011). Heart failure kills millions every year. Every time we eat sugar it releases dopamine (Dovey, 2014). Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. It makes the brain see a reward and move towards it. This shows addictiveness is bad for the human
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