Why Is It Better To Read The Movie Vs Book

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Whether it is Moby Dick, Harry Potter, The Godfather, Twilight, or Jurassic Park you have either read the book or seen the movie. In some cases, you have read the book then watched the movie, or you have watched the movie and decided to read the book. So, why are there so many books being turned into movies; and which version is better? It seems like an age-old debate that no one person can answer since we each have our own preferences. How do you decide and what are the benefits or downfalls of each?
One of the things that make books and movies so captivating is the fact that they tell a story. There is an intriguing beginning that seizes our attention, a middle that captures our hearts and minds, and finally a conclusion that wraps it all up with a neat little bow; if we are lucky. Stories engage us; they capture our hearts and minds sending us through a rainbow of emotions. Falling in love with or hating a main character; we cheer them on or hope they fail in their endeavor. Whether it is books or movies the same story is told and each have the same main characters. They also have their differences.
When it comes to books, the author tries to paint a picture for you, so you need to have an imagination
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I think people are starting to realize how many potential great movies are “lost” in the written word so producer, writers, and directors are turning to them for ideas; fulfilling the dreams of avid readers. Movies that are made from books give you a visual picture that helps you to see things in a new or different light. Because there is a visual picture you don’t have to spend as much time imagining how things might look; the century, the clothes worn, and the color of their hair; it’s already done for you. One of the things I hate the most about movies that are based on a novel is the detail that is lost and the rewriting of characters or key
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