Why Is It Emotional For Him?

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It’s obvious that my emotions are a determining factor in how I act on a day-to-day basis. That’s why I chose something emotional as my topic, something I know can and does affect millions and millions of people across the globe- diabetes. My fellow peers may ponder, “Why is it emotional for him?” Well because, many of my dearest and closest family members have been severely affected by this horrendous condition, and it strikes a deep fear in me that one day diabetes might take its toll on me and my life. The first prime example would be my grandfather. I always loved my grandpa, we used to go fishing together all the time whenever I went to his house in Arizona. But he was an ill man even though his spirit said otherwise. He suffered from Diabetes and lost his life about five years ago. It was a tragic moment for the whole family because he was a main figurehead and symbol of the whole family (obviously, he was an elder). On the other side, my aunt’s situation and experience was extremely similar. My aunt was a caring and fun woman, very different from all my other aunts because she had a personality like mine. She loved art, music, movies, etc… And little did I know that she was suffering from diabetes as well. Once I had the realization that she had diabetes, I was on high alert, but it was to no avail. About two years ago, the thing that happened to my grandfather three years prior, happened to my aunt, and I lost her as well. Now, it’s obvious that many people
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